Dentist Insurance

Dentists and their offices are exposed to a number of unique risk exposures. Rather than piecemeal a number of policies together, at William H. Talley & Son Inc., we offer comprehensive coverage in one dentist insurance package.
The benefits of our dentist insurance package include:

  • Dentists, hygienists, and the corporation have separate limits of liability coverage tailored to the needs of each entity.
  • No professional liability claims will be settled without the consent of the dentist.
  • Optional coverage for administration of Botox, at an additional cost.

In addition to these benefits, William H. Tally & Son Inc.’s dentist insurance is occurrence-based coverage, which means it guarantees coverage for all covered accidents or occurrences resulting in a claim that occurred during the policy period. In other words, any covered claim resulting from an action taken during the policy period would be covered regardless of if the claim was made after the policy expired.

Dentist insurance from our agency covers property, general liability, and professional liability through one insurance provider, which reduces the risk of finding gaps in your coverage and makes the claims process more efficient.

Our dentist insurance is also designed to save you considerable time and money. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our dedicated agents today or fill out our online request form.

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